Networking Installation

100% centralized cloud management for security, networking and application control for your practice.

Cloud-managed networking

  • Network endpoints securely connected to the cloud
  • Cloud-hosted centralized management platform
  • Intuitive browser-based dashboard

Rack Servers

Drive powerful performance across a wide range of workloads with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor. Your Medical Director or Best Practice software will perform effectively.

Doctor’s Printers

Doctor’s printers will have 3 trays for prescription, medical certificate and pathology printouts.

Perfect for Doctors within a GP, Monochrome laser printer opens the door to possibilities. With its reliability, low total cost of ownership and professional quality prints, this machine will move your business forward

Cloud Secure Backup

We take the security of your stored data very seriously, and maintaining the highest security standards is a top priority for us. All communication between the client and the backup servers takes place via secured and encrypted channels.

  • Client-side, military-level 256-AES encryption prior to data transfer
  • SSL encrypted end-to-end data transfer
  • Data storage on 256-AES encrypted Amazon AWS S3 servers
  • Data centre location: Sydney, Australia