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IT Services and Support for Small / Medium Medical Industry. We will ensure that you have a safe, secure network and efficient devices that will improve the operations of your practice.

Our Solutions

medical software solutions

We are an Authorised Medical Director and Best Practice IT Partner. Medi IT provides solutions that are unobtrusive and cost effective, adding real business value due to process efficiency and transparency. This increases confidence for customers, auditors and regulators.

Cloud-managed networking

Turnkey installation and management
Integrated, always up to date features
Scales from small branches to large networks
Reduces operational costs

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Medical Software Services

  • PKI certificate

  • Medicare online claiming & integration

  • Medicare HI and PCEHR integration

  • Troubleshooting with medical software vendors

  • Importing clinical documents in bulk

  • Integrated Pathology, ECG and Radiology

  • Import and export patient records

  • Merging patient records

  • Clinic letterhead templates

  • Backup and Recovery Plans

  • Fax and Scan to network

  • Managing Certificates for a Computer


Your relationships are important. At Medi IT, we take security seriously. We provide advisory, protection and monitoring services to secure your Practice

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our Solutions

  • Server, desktop and printer installation

  • email & Collaboration

  • Secure network & vpn

  • data security for all computers and servers

  • medical Software management and Support

  • automated patient data backup solutions

  • drug database updates

  • patient records management

  • business Contingency planning

  • On-site and help-desk support 24/7

  • minimised workplace disruption

  • information & Systems Security Compliance

certification & partners