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Access your clinic management software online from anywhere using AWS and Microsoft Azure.

With our clinic-to-cloud service, we can migrate your local software to the cloud, making clinic management easier and more convenient. For Best Practice, Genie, Medical Director, and more.

AWS and Microsoft Azure

Upgrade Your Clinic From Local To Cloud

Moving to cloud is one of the best decisions any healthcare practice can do. It brings accessibility and flexibility to the clinic, allowing online management of patient records.


In additional, this can give business owners a new perspective on how their business can evolve.

Boost Your Clinic With The Power Of Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS) & Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are some of the world's most powerful Software as a Service (SaaS). Utilising AWS or MS Azure to their fullest, we create virtual desktops in Amazon WorkSpaces or Azure, uniquely tailored to your business, hosted on their remote server network, so you and your staff are able to securely access your practice management software at work, home, or on the go.

Your Amazon WorkSpace,

Your Clinic's Future

Using Amazon WorkSpaces or Azure Virtual Desktop, we have successfully migrated numerous medical clinics in Sydney to the cloud.

The clinics we have provided with our clinic-to-cloud service have reaped the benefits and look further for new ways grow with the abundance of opportunities AWS offers.



You're will no longer be held back by traditional limitations, but given endless potential.



You will be given the option to receive comprehensive IT support by an industry expert.



Save money by reducing costs on unnecessary equipment and hardware.

Our Clinic-to-Cloud clients are already seeing the benefits after migrating their systems to the cloud.

Benefits You Can Get Behind

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AWS has integrated industry-leading security protocols into its Cloud services. With this, it operates on a shared-responsibility model; meaning AWS takes care of all the high-level security and we're responsible to take care of the personalised security settings, which can be tailored to your needs.


Cloud Access

Access your tailored Amazon WorkSpace on any device, including Microsoft, Apple, iOS and Android. This makes work so much easier and convenient for all staff members.



With your tailor-made WorkSpace, you can integrate all your required software to run your practice, allowing you to have total access to everything, all in one place.

Upgrade Your Practice Software To The Cloud

Along with all the other software you need to run your practice, our Clinic-to-Cloud solution brings the power of the cloud to your practice management software.

Best Practice

Taking Genie on the cloud is one of the best decisions you'll make when it comes to upgrading your practice management. No matter if you're at home, the office, or out and about, you'll be able to access your patient management software.


Medical Director

Merge the power of Medical Director with online accessibility. As one of the Australian-favourites, Medical Director offers just about everything a medical practice would ever need, which makes the move to cloud that much more powerful.

Best Practice (BP) is a versatile practice management software, that's why it's so popular among our clients. But with our Clinic-to-Cloud service, it's practicality is elevated, making it so much easier to manage work anywhere you go.


Zedmed is a simple yet powerful practice software, now enhanced with the our Clinic-to-Cloud solution, bringing you software accessibility away from the office.


The all-rounder software solution, Medtech, is used in practices throughout Australia. Managing patient records is now easier and more convenient than ever by migrating to the cloud.


For small to medium sized practices, Practix is a practical patient management software, now available online with our Clinic-to-Cloud solution, using Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS).

Partnered & Certified With Leading Technology Companies

We maintain partnerships and certifications with major technology firms, enabling us to provide our clients with comprehensive IT support and services tailored to meet any requirement.

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