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IT Solutions

From Software to Hardware and Cloud Services, Medi IT easily provides all the IT needs of your Medical Practice. Our professional team at Medi IT takes the best care of all your technology challenges so that you can take the best care of your patients.


Complete Practice Solutions

Holistic setup and support for everything you need to run a practice. PC setups, printers, servers, local networking, practice management software, integrations and more.


Electronic transfer for prescriptions, pathology, imaging, and more.

System Establishment

We build entire systems, from hardware to cloud. Our hardware and software are from trustworthy brands that you can rely on.

Get Integrated

No matter which path you choose, get your system integrated, so that completely different systems can communicate and boost your performance.

Servers & Computers

Drive powerful performance across a wide range of workloads with the latest Intel processor. 

Your Medical Director or Best Practice software will perform effectively.

Office Printer Setup

Printers used by the doctors will have 3 trays for prescriptions, medical certificates and pathology printouts.

Perfect for any medical centre, we use Monochrome Laser Printers, which opens the door to possibilities. This machine will move your business forward with its reliability, the low total cost of ownership, and professional quality prints.

Cloud Networking & Security

Streamline your workplace storage and access with cloud networking and using the best security standards across your workplace to help prevent cyber security attacks.

Cloud-Managed Networking

  • Network endpoints securely connected to the cloud

  • Cloud-hosted centralised management platform

  • Intuitive browser-based dashboard

Cloud-Secure Backup

We take the security of your stored data very seriously, and maintaining the highest security standards is a top priority for us.

All communication between the client and the backup servers takes place via secured and encrypted channels.

  • Client-side, military-level 256-AES encryption prior to data transfer

  • SSL-encrypted end-to-end data transfer

  • Data storage on 256-AES encrypted Amazon AWS S3 servers

Data centre location: Sydney, Australia

Partnered & Certified With Leading Technology Companies

We have partnerships and certifications with large technology companies, so that we can offer our clients holistic IT support and services, no matter what they need.

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