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Website Design

We’ve built powerful and engaging websites for our clients, using the best SEO and CRO standards, bringing our clients more bookings and excellent user experience.


Superior Web Development

We design and build websites using industry-leading tools, such as Wix and Figma, to provide the best quality websites. 

While keeping SEO and CRO in mind, we design our websites using advanced UI and UX principles to provide users with the best experience and engagement.

Search Engine Friendly Websites With SEO

It's important for a website to be understood easily, both for us and search engines. Our team of developers have years of industry-experience and are always adapting to the constant changes to the standards and best practices.

With Medi IT, you can be assured your website will be optimised for search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Optimise Your Website For Conversions

Optimising your user journey and experience are crucial to the success of a website. Our websites follow advanced design practices which focus on these key factors, so you can be assured your website is ready for Online Marketing.

If you're considering our Online Marketing solution, your website will play a big role. As your marketing grows, so will your website, as required for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). We'll make appropriate changes and test various methods, with the goal to optimise conversion rates for each landing page.

Abstract Background

Our Development Process

To keep things easy and our customers happy, we follow the Agile framework.

Where appropriate, you be provided with links and designs, so you can provide feedback and request changes along the way.


Using Figma, we design a mockup of your website.


When we complete the mockup, you'll receive an email for approval, then once approved, we move onto the next stage.


Our go-to web development system is Wix, but we can discuss alternatives if you have specific preferences.


We'll integrate, connect, and use applications and systems you need on your website.


We'll make changes here and there on our own initiative and based on your feedback and requests.


Once we're out of the Develop > Integrate > Refine loop, we'll start the launch phase and publish the website when complete.

The launch phase includes revision on the entire website, connecting the domain, and any other minor adjustments before publishing.

Why Do We Prefer Wix?

We like to keep things simple for us and our clients.

We don't want to worry about separate hosting, spending countless hours hardcoding a website, setting up security protocols, virus protection, and more; Wix takes care of everything and more, making our work easier and faster than traditional development.

However, we're pretty flexible. We like to work around our clients needs and preferences, so reach out to us so we can discuss how we can help.

Get A Beautiful Website In Just 3 Easy Steps




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Partnered & Certified With Leading Technology Companies

We maintain partnerships and certifications with major technology firms, enabling us to provide our clients with comprehensive IT support and services tailored to meet any requirement.

Online psychiatry practice

Optimised website and improved conversion rates

Streamlined Services

and reduced administrative support needs with an easily navigable UI

Increased Bookings

by targeting specific services and locations

$0.80 Average Cost-per-Click

achieved in highly-competitive niche by implementing effective CRO strategies

Melbourne dentistry

Maximised marketing ROI through Google Ads

+20 ROAS Achieved

within the first 4 months after launching campaigns

$250K Generated

through PPC Marketing from a single service with a modest ad spend

Successful PPC Strategies

and comprehensive digital marketing approach delivered

Online general practitioner practice

Drove growth through targeted ads

Significant Growth

within the first 3 months of business

High ROAS Achieved

of 3 created through brand awareness

Effective Web Design

and service transparency implemented for better lead quality

Our Success Stories

At Medi IT, we are proud of the significant results we have achieved for our healthcare clients. Here are some highlights

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