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Medi IT is an acclaimed one-stop service provider designed to meet all GP and specialist medical practice needs in areas pertaining to Web Solutions, Managed IT and Cloud Service, and is based in Sydney, Australia. We provide tailor-made solutions that best suit your business model.


Need IT solutions for your practice?

We provide a variety of IT solutions which makes us a one-stop service for all the needs of your medical practice.

Our Medi IT team members have developed a reputation for their ability to keep ahead in the IT ‘game’. Importantly, we listen to clients, and seek the best outcomes for all parties.

As we expand our successful enterprise, we are now seeking to target small to medium sized Medical Centres, providing General Practice Management System, administrative services that meet more than the requirements, increase efficiency and ultimately reduce the costs.

Our qualified personnel have already had considerable experience using a range of medical software at the American multi-national biopharmaceutical company headquartered in California, and the world’s largest independent biotechnology firm.



Cloud-managed networking


Turnkey installation and management

Integrated, always up to date features

Scales from small branches to large networks

Reduces operational costs



Your relationships are important. At Medi IT, we take security seriously.

We provide advisory, protection and monitoring services to secure your Practice


Virtual Practice Management (VPM)


Outsourcing your practice management services to an experienced healthcare professional, who will create and implement a personalised strategic roadmap for your business.